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Outsourced HR

Rather than hiring additional internal HR staff, delegate your employee management tasks to Allegiant HR. Allegiant HR can provide one-on-one consulting for:

  • Building your HR knowledge specific to your size organization

  • Creating job descriptions

  • Creating forms and systems to effectively manage your workforce

  • Review your current or develop new legally compliant policies and employee handbook



Limiting liability and future risk is important to protecting the future of your business. Allegiant HR offers a range of services to help you meet and remain compliant:

  • Compliance with federal and state laws

  • Employee file management

  • Overtime pay/FLSA

  • I9 form compliance


Onboarding and Orientation Program Design

You've worked hard to hire the right employee for your business, but do you have an onboarding program in place to ensure a smooth transition that will set them and your business up for success? Allegiant HR can provide one-on-one consulting for:

  • Developing a custom onboarding program tailored to your business

  • Review and development of a new employee orientation program

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Training and Development

To invest in the success of your business means to invest in your employees. Allegiant HR can work with you to develop training based on your organizations needs in areas such as :

  • Harassement Prevention

  • Essential Leadership Skills for New Leaders

  • Interviewing Skills for Managers

  • Discipline & Handling Work Performance Issues

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Handbook Development & Review

Your employee handbook is much more than a simple handout given to new employees. It is a document that outlines what is expected of employees as well as what employee should expect from the company. Since employment laws are constantly being reviewed and changed, so should your employee handbook.  Allegiant HR can:

  • Review your current handbook for compliance with current laws

  • Work with you to develop a new handbook that is tailored to the culture and policies of your company

Outsourced HR
HR Compliance
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